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30.06.2016 – Update – The Plastikeep truck completed its run today and the run will continue tomorrow. Updates will continue as they come to hand.

Update 29.06.2016 – Please note that the Plastikeep truck did run today and the bins in the west were cleared. The run will continue tomorrow.with the bins in the Port of Spain, Woodbrook, St. Ann’s and Cascade areas targeted for clearance. Thank you for your patience and we will continue to update you as information comes to hand.

ASSIGNMENT PLASTIKEEPERS: We are embarking on an awareness campaign and we are asking you, our Plastikeepers, to be our roving reporters. Using your smart phones, make a video of yourself, your kids, school kids, community leaders, people you see recycling, telling us why Plastikeep is important to you, your community or school and why recycling should be important to the entire country. Then upload the video to our Facebook page or send it via email to Your video should be about 90 seconds long. This would be a great project especially for the kids to do. Let’s see what you come up with.

27.06.2016 – Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Plastikeep truck did not run today. The truck will run tomorrow as scheduled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

24.06.2016 – We are pleased to advise that Waste Disposals Limited has given us another extension for one week to 2nd July 2016 therefore collections will continue through to next Saturday. You can continue to put your plastics out for recycling for this week. The truck ran today and will run tomorrow as well. We will continue to update you on the situation as information comes to hand. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to crush your bottles!

23.06.2016 – The Greenlight Network (GLN) Board met today and feel strongly that there is no way that the Plastikeep programme should be allowed to fizzle out. Far too much time, energy and resources have been invested to date in bringing a recycling culture to Trinidad for us to just turn our backs on it and walk away. Therefore the GLN Board has committed to devising and implementing a strategy of public awareness and advocacy during the next two weeks. The truck is scheduled to run tomorrow, Friday 24th June 2016 and will be clearing bins in the west. Please stay tuned and we will update you further tomorrow.

Our Project Director, Rosanna Farmer, appeared on C News morning show, “Good Morning T&T” this morning and from all indications it was successful at getting our current situation into the wider public domain. So much so, she received a call from an organisation in Chicago, USA regarding the recycling culture in Trinidad and the plight of Plastikeep. We have three (3) more days before the collections come to a halt, unless we come up with a payment to Waste Disposals Limited. We have a commitment of $20,000 from one company and are seeking to secure the rest ($60,000). It would be an unsecured loan, until government gives us our funding. If you know of any companies that may be willing to assist through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, please contact us as soon as possible. We are running out of time and we would like to keep the collections going. Thank you for your patience.

16.06.2016 – Yesterday our Plastikeep truck was turned away from SWMCOL due to short staff and as such, could not finish the run. The truck did not run today due to short staff at Waste Disposals Ltd. Waste Disposals Limited has assured us that the truck will run tomorrow and Saturday. Our Rosanna Farmer appeared on CNC3’s show, The Morning Brew, this morning and while her time on air was short, the right questions were asked. Host Hema Ramkissoon wrapped up the interview strongly, taking the government to task for not implementing Boards swiftly enough and promised that the media will bring pressure to bear on the government for not appointing boards in a timely manner. We hope you are continuing to call your Councillors etc. and sending your letters to the editors of the various newspapers. We will post an update again tomorrow.

15.06.2016 – The Plastikeep truck continues its regularly scheduled runs. Thank you for continuing to recycle your plastics and for keeping the recycling movement alive. Please continue to ask your Councillors to speak with their Member of Parliament to ensure that recycling continues in your constituency and that recycling education is supported. Your letters to the various newspapers are also appreciated. Again, if you would like to receive the list of Councillors, constituency offices etc., please send an email to and we will forward the list to you. We wish to advise that the Plastikeep bin located at the Central Diego Martin Community Center (CDMCC) was removed from this location today. This was necessary as in recent months some members of the public have gotten into the habit of using the recycling bin as a dumpster . In addition to that, some of you may have seen the graffiti that has defaced the bin. The CDMCC has plans to fence their property and once completed, the bin will be returned. In the meantime, please know that there is a bin outside the TruValu Supermarket on the compound of the Co-op. We will be in touch as soon as information comes to hand.

10.06.2016 – Our Project Director had a second meeting with Minister Imbert last night at his constituency office and though the meeting was cordial and worthwhile, it is clear that Mr. Imbert will have difficulty in accessing funds for Plastikeep before 24th June 2016. Friday 24th June 2016 is the last day that Waste Disposals Limited can run the truck to clear the bins unless payment is received. The Plastikeep team has two weeks to work on other avenues that might give us a little reprieve until the money comes through from the government. The truck ran three days this week and will do its normal Saturday run tomorrow. The truck will do its scheduled runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of next week. Please remember to share the contact information for the Councillors, Constituency offices etc. with your residents and neighbours and urge them to make the call, email etc. Thank you for your time and patience and we will be in touch again on Monday. Have a great weekend.