The Greenlight Network (GLN) Board feels strongly that there is no way that the Plastikeep programme should be allowed to fizzle out. Far too much time, energy and resources have been invested to date in bringing a recycling culture to Trinidad for us to just turn our backs on it and walk away. Therefore the GLN Board has committed to devising and implementing a strategy of public awareness and advocacy to bring to the fore the importance of Plastikeep, the effect it has had on schools and communities and the inroads it has made in educating the general public on recycling. We are therefore seeking your help in keeping Plastikeep moving forward. Our goal is to get 600 people to donate $100 each. The amount raised is specifically to keep the Plastikeep truck on the road, clearing the bins which you so generously and diligently fill with your clean, crushed plastic. Donations can be made to Greenlight Network at any branch of Republic Bank Limited (home branch is Ellerslie Court). The account # is 340800531601. Please know that these donations are really to act as a stop gap measure as we are certain that in time, the government will appoint the Green Fund Board and the project will move forward as planned. We thank you for your support in keeping Plastikeep moving forward.

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