15.06.2016 – The Plastikeep truck continues its regularly scheduled runs. Thank you for continuing to recycle your plastics and for keeping the recycling movement alive. Please continue to ask your Councillors to speak with their Member of Parliament to ensure that recycling continues in your constituency and that recycling education is supported. Your letters to the various newspapers are also appreciated. Again, if you would like to receive the list of Councillors, constituency offices etc., please send an email to plastikeep@gmail.com and we will forward the list to you. We wish to advise that the Plastikeep bin located at the Central Diego Martin Community Center (CDMCC) was removed from this location today. This was necessary as in recent months some members of the public have gotten into the habit of using the recycling bin as a dumpster . In addition to that, some of you may have seen the graffiti that has defaced the bin. The CDMCC has plans to fence their property and once completed, the bin will be returned. In the meantime, please know that there is a bin outside the TruValu Supermarket on the compound of the Co-op. We will be in touch as soon as information comes to hand.

10.06.2016 – Our Project Director had a second meeting with Minister Imbert last night at his constituency office and though the meeting was cordial and worthwhile, it is clear that Mr. Imbert will have difficulty in accessing funds for Plastikeep before 24th June 2016. Friday 24th June 2016 is the last day that Waste Disposals Limited can run the truck to clear the bins unless payment is received. The Plastikeep team has two weeks to work on other avenues that might give us a little reprieve until the money comes through from the government. The truck ran three days this week and will do its normal Saturday run tomorrow. The truck will do its scheduled runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of next week. Please remember to share the contact information for the Councillors, Constituency offices etc. with your residents and neighbours and urge them to make the call, email etc. Thank you for your time and patience and we will be in touch again on Monday. Have a great weekend.

08.06.2016 – Our Plastikeep truck begin its run yesterday and could only collect from 8 of the 22 bins regularly collected from on a Tuesday. This was because of the sheer volume of bags in and around the bins. The run continued today and the truck would be on its regularly scheduled run until 24th June 2016. A gentle reminder for you to call your Councillors, Constituency Offices etc. to encourage recycling in your area. The Plastikeep Team continues to thank you for your patience.

07.06.2016 – The Plastikeep truck resumed collections at 10:00 a.m. today. Waste Disposals Limited has agreed to continue collections until Friday 24th June 2016. This gives more time for everyone to call their Councillors, constituency offices, etc. We again ask that you express your views on the value of the Plastikeep programme, your experience with recycling, appreciation for the continuity of the service, and its importance in your community. Please ask your Councillors to speak with their Member of Parliament to ensure that recycling continues in your constituency and that recycling education is supported. If you would like to receive the list of Councillors, constituency offices etc., please send an email to plastikeep@gmail.com and we will forward the list to you.

06.06.2016 – We have just received confirmation that the SWMCOL facility reopened today. As such Waste Disposals Limited will begin servicing the bins tomorrow morning and will continue until all are cleared. All bins, collection and pick up sites should be cleared, for the latest, by Wednesday of this week.

03.06.2016 – We have some good news for you today. Plastikeep’s Project Director met with Minister Colm Imbert last night at his constituency office and the Minister is willing to look at the facts towards rectifying the situation. Minister Imbert made no promises but is well aware of the critical nature of the situation and seemed to understand the value of the project. Our Project Director is certain that he will do his best to fix this. In the meantime we are asking that you bear with us and the situation. If it is at all possible, it might make you feel better if the sight of an overflowing bin stirs in you a level of pride in you for a job you have done very well. For you, our valuable stakeholders, have taken the time to separate, wash, crush, bag and deposit your plastic waste in one of our bins. Now what sits in and around the bins is a valuable resource that will one day become something useful. The plan is to have all bins cleared on Monday and if necessary, on Tuesday, as well. Hopefully by then, we would have word from Minister Imbert confirming that the project can return to business as usual. Thank you for your continued patience, support and understanding.

02.06.2016 – Further to our post of 1st June 2016, the Plastikeep Team asks you to bear with us and this unfortunate situation for a few more days. The SWMCOL facility is due to reopen on Monday 6th June 2016 and once this happens, the Plastikeep truck will hit the road and clear the bins on Monday and if necessary, Tuesday. We know that the overflowing bins are extremely unsightly and are a potential threat to public health, so please accept our sincere apologies for this unfortunate situation. Please be assured that members of the Plastikeep Team are doing everything possible to rectify the situation. Our Project Director, Rosanna Farmer, is meeting with Minister Colm Imbert this evening at this Constituency Office in Maraval. We will update you again tomorrow on the outcome of that meeting and the way forward. Thank you for your constant support, time and effort as we work together, bringing Trinidad to the 21st century.
Here is a link for you to follow to see why it is we need to move forward with this project. https://www.facebook.com/Plastikeep/f=aymt_homepage_panel

01.06.2016 – Please be advised that the collection of material from our network of plastic collection bins will cease (hopefully temporarily) from Friday June 3rd 2016. It is truly heart-wrenching that this action has become necessary during the week leading up to World Environment Day.

To date Plastikeep has not received funding from the Green Fund for this current phase of operations which began on 1st January 2016. Vendors, including Plastikeep team members, have not been paid since December 2015. On 25th May, 2016, Plastikeep received notice that Waste Disposals Ltd. will cease clearing our bins on 3rd June, 2016.

This situation has arisen due to the delay in the appointment of the Green Fund Advisory Committee. This Committee functions as the oversight Board for the Green Fund Executing Unit – which actually funds Plastikeep – and its approval is necessary for funded projects such as Plastikeep to receive grants from the Green Fund. At this time Plastikeep is not the only organization or entity being adversely affected by the non-appointment of a Board.

Plastikeep will be placing notices on all our bins and we are asking the public to abstain from placing any material in the bins until further notice.

We eagerly look forward to resuming our full recycling recovery efforts and wish to thank all our stakeholders for their support, encouragement, and understanding at this time.

The Plastikeep Recovery Programme Education and Operations Models have been designed to provide community representatives and other interested parties with a history of the Plastikeep project as well as how to manual for initiating community recycling programmes. We hope that these models prove useful to you, our valued stakeholder!

Check out the Plastikeep Education Model and the Plastikeep Operations Model !

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